HDD Camcorders

HDD camcorders are recorders that store video on an internal hard drive, similar to that of computers and laptops. This type of video camera is simple to use, but you will need access to a computer to download your files. An HDD video recorder in hard drive is generally significantly larger than a memory card, and needs to be emptied - or downloaded - when the drive gets full. And although some HDD camcorders are expandable with memory cards, most only offer the internal memory. These easy-to-use HDD video camcorders feature recorded files that are computer ready, so you can simply connect, download your content, and immediately work with it. There is no re-formatting required. Our selection of HDD cameras include your favourite brands like GoPro, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and more, in a variety of models and accessory bundles for starters to professionals.
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