Whether you're a beginning photographer, a hobbyist, or a pro, you'll want to ensure you have the right camera lenses for the job. Camera lenses come in a variety of types and styles. Prime lenses are set to one specific focal length, and are generally faster zooming and have faster maximum apertures. Some photographers like prime camera lenses because they are lightweight and let in a lot of light. Standard, general-purpose lenses usually offer wide-angle and moderate telephoto options. Telephoto lenses zoom in significantly for you to get a close shot. Superzoom lenses include best of both telephoto and standard lenses. Macro lenses are fixed-focal-length and made to get the photographer close to small objects. Camera lenses from SLRHut come from your favourite brands including Sigma, Nikon, Fujinon, Sony, Canon, Rokinon, and are available as single lenses or in lens bundles.
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