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Who is SLRHut.co.uk?

Back in 2002, SLRHut’s founders began offering professional camera and camcorder equipment for sale locally in a retail store. Sales quickly expanded online and offerings we being made globally. Despite the extremely large consumer base that was built up since 2002, they noticed that most people around the world that are in the market for professional camera and camcorder equipment were not getting very good prices. These same products that our Founders were offering to their local market were being sold in the UK and other parts of the world at prices 20% - 40% higher due to manufacturers demanding MSRP pricing, enforced MAP policies with authorized retailers and currency exchange rates. The question was asked, why should consumers have to pay MSRP with such a high markup? Why can't we sell at wholesale price points to the general public?

The answer was simple; WE CAN, and WE WILL. The burden of researching each corner of this global market was now placed onto their shoulders. Finally, they had figured it out, since the internet has made this world a smaller place to live and since e-commerce is a global playing field, we followed suit and quickly expand globally, from being one of our nation’s largest online supplier of consumer electronics, to being one of the world’s largest consumer electronics e-tailers.

With our founders now focused in on the United Kingdom as their target market, SLRHut.co.uk was born and our brand, dedicated to a UK customer base began to build.

We have massive warehouses which are always fully stocked, we also have close ties with manufacturers and distributors worldwide and are ready to fulfill your every need quickly and seamlessly.

Note: We prepay all duties required to get the product in your hands, you will never be required to pay any additional taxes to receive your order, VAT is never charged on any order. This excludes shipments to customers outside of the UK, please contact us for more details if requesting to ship outside the UK.

Why should I use SLRHut.co.uk

The answer is simple. SLRHut.co.uk pride itself on delivering the best possible shopping experience to all of our customers. From the moment you enter SLRHut.co.uk to the moment your order is delivered to your door. SLRHut.co.uk is committed to delivering safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction to our clients.

Unlike other websites, SLRHut.co.uk has built its reputation on superior customer service. Any inquiry is welcomed, and clients are not passed off through a touchtone web of confusion. Simply call us and you will be greeted over the phone by an actual person who is there to assist you in any way possible. SLRHut.co.uk knows that you will enjoy shopping with us and SLRHut.co.uk looks forward to serving you in the future.

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