Mini DV / Bluray Camcorders

Mini DV and Blu-ray camcorders record video to external tapes or discs, both of which are widely available and generally inexpensive. The compact size and portability of these video recorders make them an ideal choice for travel. MiniDV camcorders are available with a range of features, ranging from 360-degree recording, under water filming, night vision, LCD screen, and most models feature built-in Wi-Fi and touchscreens. SLRHut's collection of mini DV camcorders and Blu-ray recorders come from your favourite brands like Sony, including the Sony Handycam. The removable storage of these camera types offer excellent versatility with tapes and discs that are typically reusable and long-lasting. With the ability to record video in several different resolutions like standard, hi-def, and ultra HD, mini DV and Blu-ray camcorders are ideal for any videographer recording events like parties, vacations, and school plays.
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